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Birth Control Controversy Hits NYC Schools

30 Sep

I am a bit on the offense that the schools would suggest such a movement. I understand trying to curb the outbreak of teen pregnancy, but this approach seems a bit accepting of an action that young teens should be cautious of. I don’t think schools have exhausted all of their possibilities when it comes to this epidemic. It’s wrong to administer a drug that for one we have no idea how it will affect the bodies of these young teens and two even with the permission of the parents just doesn’t seem ethical. Young people misinterpret a lot these days, and I agree with one of the parents in the video when he said what example and message are we sending to the teenage population, that sex is ok and that you will not be held accountable for your actions?

A mother’s power?

30 Sep

I read an opinion article in The Star Press recently that said women have gained power everywhere in life, but they have lost power in the home over their children. In some cases I can see what the author means. He said women have become weak when it comes to raising their kids. They ask questions like, “How about helping Mommy clean up your toys?” Instead of just telling their kids to pick up their toys. Not all mothers are like this, but I can see his point. I see mothers in the grocery store who don’t tell their kids no. When I was younger, my mother would tell me no and there would be no discussion. Parenting has become a lot more sensitive in general, making sure that there is compromise between the parent and the child. Maybe things would be better if parents had the ultimate authority, and mothers stopped worrying about hurting their children’s feelings.

What do you think? 


Sister Suffragette

30 Sep

One of my favorite movies as a kid! Enjoy 😀

91st Annual Fall Festival.

28 Sep

So, Monday begins the 91st Annual Fall Festival in Evansville, Indiana.
Evansville is my hometown, and like most Evansvillians, the Fall Festival is an annual MUST.
Thousands of people attend, eating delicious, random, inventive, and potentially grotesque foods- most of them fried.

Actually it is noted as the second largest street fest in the United States, under Mardi Gras.
It is such a unique atmosphere, especially due to the predominantly German culture on the West Side.
This will be the first time in a long time that I do not attend.
In a way, it makes me feel as though Evansville is even less my “home.” And that’s bittersweet, despite the insane amount
of sugar on West Franklin Street this weekend.

Do any of you have fall traditions?

one billion rising…

26 Sep

“One billion women being violated is an atrocity.  One billion women – and men – dancing is a revolution.”

Feb. 14, 2013.  A global strike to end the violence.

I will be dancing with my grandchildren.  Who will you be dancing with?


Body Revolution: Gaga Style

26 Sep


Gaga was recently criticized for pictures circumventing around stating that she looked as if she had been gaining weight and thus equating that gaining weight is a bad thing. In the midst of all this criticism, Gaga has launched the “Body Revolution”, a project that encourages her little monsters to share their own “perceived flaws”, that society says they have. Gaga posted a picture of herself on the project site, illustrating her own struggle with bulimia and anorexia. Gaga encourages them to redefine their so called “flaws” and many people within the site have. There are numerous stories discussing body images in relation to eating disorders, disabilities, and battling with disease. Gaga encourages the monsters to redefine their beauty through their flaws. Some people think that Gaga should take it one step further and encourage the monsters to not introduce more “feel good mantras”, but to actually embody some righteous anger, in making what sometimes is deemed as unbeautiful to be beautiful.


What do you think of Gaga’s new campaign?

How can this be used to mold a new movement, in particular, a movement against what society deems as beautiful and what “we” people think is really beautiful?


Get Mad And Vote

26 Sep

Get Mad And Vote

Found this on one of my friends Facebooks


26 Sep

Ukrainian female activist set up a training camp in Paris to teach women the “art” of nude protesting. Do you guys think this is exploiting women in a bad way or empowering women? Topless Warriors!


Wicked Clothes

26 Sep


Can we get these shirts as a class? 😀



25 Sep

I went on a random youtube video binge, and I came across a video of Gloria Steinam talking about the ‘feminazi’ and the degradation of the term ‘feminist.’
I have come to associate feminism as an extreme movement, but this video made me wonder why. I always said that I was just feminist when it came to reproductive rights. But I still believe in Equal Pay for Equal Work and having more women in higher offices and corporations. I feel like maybe I should own the term.