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When A Man Is the Victim

6 Sep

I am currently in Family Law or Political Science 241, and this is a class that cultivates a lot of very interesting discussion. Also, wanting to be a family lawyer makes this class extremely interesting to me.

Recently, the class got on the topic of rape and the difference between men and women under this subject. Since talking about it in class, I have done quite a bit of searching, hoping to find interesting articles or stories pertaining to men who have been raped. However, normally it will be said that the male was “sexually assaulted.”

I’m bringing this up because often we focus on how women are treated differently than men and not taken as seriously, but what about the man? I do not agree with the belief that a man cannot be raped. Respectfully, in my opinion, they absolutely can. It may not happen as often, but unfortunately, it is happening.


What do all of you think?

a democrat word cloud

6 Sep

The New York Times has done the count and compiled a word cloud from the Democrat National Convention.  How many times did Democrat speakers invoke the name “Obama?”  (Tons.)  How often did they use the word “women?” (Lots.)

Find the count and read the context here.  It’s worth the time.

Sandra Fluke’s Speech

6 Sep

I really enjoyed her speech. I thought she did an awesome job! You go Sandra! 🙂