“The Sad Truth about the 2012 Women’s Vote”

10 Sep

The Sad Truth about the 2012 Women’s Vote

I came across an article today on Fox News about women and the Republican party. Lately, with rights to reproductive services being thrown up in the air, there has been debate over whether Republican policies are eroding women’s rights. College educated women, to the author’s dismay, give Obama a 63% lead over Romney’s 32%.

The author doesn’t think the problem is Republican policies, he think it has to do with women. As he puts, ” The same women who once decried fairytales where men rescued damsels in distress are now all-too-comfortable awaiting the rescuing hand of Big Daddy government.”

There are good reasons for women to be loyal Republicans, however, I do not think it has anything to do with feminism. Neither are women anti-feminist for being Democrats.

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