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What It Means to Be a Woman Today

11 Sep

There are many things that I could say about what it means to be a woman today…but I’m not going to go on a rant. I think that being a woman today is a rather tricky situation. Women are expected to have full time jobs but still take care of their families, we are supposed to be strong and independent but not take away a man’s masculinity, we are expected to be tough but still stay feminine.

If a woman acts helpless she is being accused of being stuck in the past. If a woman refuses help (especially from a man) she is a bra burning feminist. So what is a girl to do? Woman today need to just be left alone and stop being subjected to the stereotypes of the past and the present. Being a woman today means that there are even more demands placed upon us, not only are we supposed to keep the standard “women’s work” but also add a full time job on top of that. We are not at the same level as men but we are getting close.

I think that being a woman today is hard. We are being pulled in several different directions at once. There are so many things that a woman is “supposed” to be, many of which is a contradiction to itself. Being a woman today is you being you, but more.

I smell a rant…

11 Sep

Holy freaking crap.  How did I possibly pass junior high, not to mention high school??  I didn’t have the appropriate writing instrument because I was a girl with only man pens available to me and my feminine hand.  No wonder I failed biology.  And sewing.

Damn you Man Pens.  Thank you BIC.  Finally our long national nightmare is over.

We’ve come a long way baby!


Modern ‘Sluts’ and ‘Prostitutes’

11 Sep


When hearings were held over whether or not employers or schools could withhold birth control coverage, I was upset that the issue was even being fought. I felt that Obama’s compromise (allowing religious institutions to pay for coverage indirectly) was sufficient.

Then 30 year old law student, Sandra Fluke, testified for the right to insurance coverage for birth control. This led to an uproar. Sandra became vilified, hated by conservative commentators, called a slut by conservative America, and the face of cash-strapped birth control users. The article I found deals with the conservative hate of Sandra Fluke. During her DNC speech, conservative commentators tweeted satirical accusations of her performing obscene sex acts or being impregnated by men at the convention.

The slurs and the hate show intolerance I thought was prevalent before my generation. When people call Sandra Fluke a slut, they are telling her to shut up. They are telling women on her side to shut up. They are demeaning the use of birth control, and the woman’s right to use it.

I’m disappointed that in this day and age, use of birth control is even an issue. Unfortunately, it is. Women need to stand up and show what side they’re on.

Judge To Woman Sexually Assaulted By Cop: ‘When You Blame Others, You Give Up Your Power To Change’

11 Sep

A male friend of mine posted this article on Facebook a few days ago. I thought I would share it with you lovely gals.

I thought the judge’s ruling was incredibly appalling. Not only where the judge’s statements completely out of line, but her decision to give the officer probation and community service is outrageous. There are too many people in the world that claim when a woman is sexually harassed or even raped that she simply “deserved it” because of where she was or what she was wearing. I could not believe that a judge, a female judge at that, would have the same logic as several ill informed individuals. It breaks my heart that in some cases the victim becomes the “instigator of the crime”.