Soraya Chemaly

14 Sep

After a discussion with my good friend, I sought out Soraya Chemaly because my friend suggested it in my quest for contributions on this blog. Looking at her input for “The Good Men Project,” I think I like her. I definitely like the topics she covers in a very real way.


This piece: “‘Ladies, If You Can’t Take a Joke, Get A New Job.’ WTF?” was one that I found very interesting. Chemaly discusses how workplaces turn up their nose when women complain about sexual harassment. Apparently, it is seen as unprofessional and weak. I’ve been thinking about this, and I don’t doubt it. Not having worked in corporate America or a more legitimate setting (most of my experience has been part time minus working on a campaign this past summer), I can still imagine how this scene plays out. I think of a man and woman who are on the same level, both strong workers who benefit their workplace. The man is harassing the woman. The woman complains. A blind eye is turned. The man is an asset to the company, despite his unprofessional tendencies. I think this would be true; the average company would protect their male employee and tell the female to “hush.”


“WTF?” – Soraya Chemaly                       I am asking this same question.


I related this article to the dialogue thefemalevoter was having about rape. Several of us mentioned peoples’ hesitancy to tell someone about being raped and that it’s “embarrassing.” After reading this article, the sexual violation of a person came even more into perspective. Not only is confessing that reality embarrassing, it is discouraged in scenarios. NO WONDER PEOPLE DON’T MENTION IT! They don’t feel that they can.

If anyone finds time, check out this blog post of Soraya Chemaly: Let me know what you think. I’m still deciding.



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