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she’s not a witch, but she may be back

16 Sep

Remember her?  She’s not a witch, but she may have cost the Republicans a sure-fire pickup of Joe Biden’s old Senate seat in 2010, but gave Saturday Night Live’s writers a few hours of rest, pretty much writing many of their skits for them.

She may try a comeback in a couple of years. “I think I owe that to my supporters,” she told the Delaware News Journal.

She may owe her supporters, but I doubt the RNC believes she needs to pay them back quite so dramatically.  SNL writers, however, are undoubtedly praying for this to be so.


Oreo Deliciousness

16 Sep

I ABSOLUTELY love candy corn. I have NO idea why.
I always eat too many, and they really have no taste.
Regardless, if I could eat Oreos (I can’t eat gluten) I would want
one of these, but I’m told they’re disgusting.




Here is the article about them:

there’s a woman at the wheel…

16 Sep

Congratulations to NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams, only the second female commander of the International Space Station.

Very very cool.

Judge Tells Woman to Adjust to Domestic Abuse

16 Sep

In India, a woman recently filed for divorce from her husband who had been abusing her. Her attorney presented photographic evidence of the abuse and was able to prove the abuse had indeed been going on. The judge however does not want to grant the divorce. He basically blamed the woman for provoking the abuse. He claimed that the woman should have to adjust to the abuse and accept it because her husband financially supports her. This judge has been know to make sexist remarks and rulings. Things like this go on in other countries all the time! Even in this country, women are sometimes blamed for domestic abuse. Do you think the woman has the right to her divorce? Should the husband be prosecuted? Should this judge lose his job? I think that he should! This woman is trying to remove herself and her children from an unhealthy situation. This judge has no right to stop her. Domestic abuse is never ok! What are all of your thoughts on this story?





“The Truth About Diet Soda”

16 Sep

If any of you lovely ladies are diet soda addicts like me, you might want to read this! We all know that drinking water is the most healthy choice, but for some of us, we need something different sometimes! I’ve always chosen diet soda over regular because I though it was the more healthy choice. I also thought that regular soda tasted too sweet. It turns out that diet soda is not really a healthy choice. It can cause you to prefer and crave sweeter foods and has been linked to getting Type II Diabetes. This is something that I was unaware of! I will definitely be drinking less diet soda!


A League of Their Own

16 Sep

Has anyone seen the movie A League of Their Own? If not, it is definitely a film you should check out! It’s one of my personal favorites and they’ve been showing it on ABC Family all weekend! It’s also on Netflix right now! The film stars Tom Hanks and Geena Davis. The movie is basically a fictional account of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The League was founded during WWII do compensate for some many male professional baseball players leaving for war. The goal was to keep baseball going, while the boys were at war, to keep the American people entertained. Some businessmen decided to become owners and started a baseball league for women. They story centers around two sisters and their experiences in the league. One thing that really struck me while watching the movie, that I never thought about before, is that this league was considered temporary and these players were disposable. Towards the end of the film, one of the owners comments that “he loves the girls in the league but that it’s too bad that he won’t need them anymore.” The manager of the league questions the meaning of this statement and the owner explains that the allies are winning the war and that the men will soon be back home to play baseball. When this happens, he won’t need the girls anymore. The manager is angered by this and argues that “We told American women that it was their patriotic duty to leave the kitchen and work in the factories. Now are we going to send them back to the kitchen?” The owner responds by saying “Should we send the men coming home from war to the kitchen?” The hard truth is that women were sent back to the home and kitchen after WWII and socially suppressed. This caused widespread depression among women in the 1950’s. To me, it’s like they got a taste of independence and freedom and then it was all taken away! What are your thoughts on this? Do you think such an oppression could happen to American women today?

Here’s a link for the trailer!