Judge Tells Woman to Adjust to Domestic Abuse

16 Sep

In India, a woman recently filed for divorce from her husband who had been abusing her. Her attorney presented photographic evidence of the abuse and was able to prove the abuse had indeed been going on. The judge however does not want to grant the divorce. He basically blamed the woman for provoking the abuse. He claimed that the woman should have to adjust to the abuse and accept it because her husband financially supports her. This judge has been know to make sexist remarks and rulings. Things like this go on in other countries all the time! Even in this country, women are sometimes blamed for domestic abuse. Do you think the woman has the right to her divorce? Should the husband be prosecuted? Should this judge lose his job? I think that he should! This woman is trying to remove herself and her children from an unhealthy situation. This judge has no right to stop her. Domestic abuse is never ok! What are all of your thoughts on this story?







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  1. taylerworkman September 19, 2012 at 7:28 pm #

    Honestly, as a woman that can speak from experience about how awful abusive relationships are, this makes me sick. In America I don’t think that there would be any reason for her to not be able to get the divorce. However, the sad truth is that this story isn’t taking place here. Although morally she has every right to leave her husband, legally she may not in India. Hopefully she continues trying to get the divorce. Maybe a different judge would be more empathetic.

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