The Help

19 Sep

If you haven’t seen the movie The Help, you need to! It is a very powerful and touching movie. It focuses on the unfair treatment of African American maids  in Jackson, Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement. Several maids, along with a recent white college graduate, decided to write a book to call attention to the issue. It causes social scandal in their town but becomes a best selling book. Recently I came across and article that draws the parallels between the film and the treatment of domestic help in today’s society. Just like in the book, today a minority group is exploited for their services (in today’s society it is mainly the Hispanic community). They are worked hard, are paid less than they should be, and receive no benefits. In the film, maids raised the children of the families that they worked for. Today, many women rely on nannies to raise their children. Sometimes this is because the mothers work, but not always. To me, I clearly see the parallel between the two time periods. So what do you all think? Do you see the similarities between the film and life for domestic help today? Do you think they need to fight for their civil rights? Why do you think that such behavior is still acceptable today so long after the Civil Rights Movement?


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  1. lisaanneryan September 20, 2012 at 2:03 am #

    I like the idea of the usually invisible being brought to the center of attention. People can talk all day about issues but it is only when that issue is humanized that people start listening. The Help was a very powerful book and movie and if we had more like it, maybe there would be a little more empathy in this world for the plights of those around us.

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