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20 Sep


I must be going through a bit of nostalgia tonight. Angelica’s mother was a hard working business woman. Teaching young ladies how to rule with a kids show. Sneaky, sneaky Nickolodean


Claire Huxtable

20 Sep

I used to watch this show all of the time growing up. And then I remembered this moment in one of my favorite episodes. Mrs. Huxtable sets things straight.


I’m a member …

20 Sep

I’m a member and secretary of the National Association for Black Journalists and the last 2 weeks we’ve had 2 inspiring women come to our meetings and share their knowledge with us about the journalism world. This story is about Sandra Chapman, an African American woman working at Channel 13 as an investigative reporter. My favorite story she told had to do with her work as a journalist helping catch a criminal 33 years after the fact. And it was right here in Indiana! I have her book and I’m almost done reading it (if you want to borrow it let me know).

Jaclyn Goldsborough visits NABJ

20 Sep

I’m a member and secretary of the National Association for Black Journalists and the last 2 weeks we’ve had 2 inspiring women come to our meetings and share their knowledge with us about the journalism world. This first story is  the one I did for Jaclyn Goldsborough, a Ball State alum and a content manager for

saving the world one photo at a time?

20 Sep

Fabulous contributor Karalee posed a valuable question about celebrity and privacy in the wake of the shameful breach of the Duchess of Cambridge’s privacy while on vacation with her husband.  You know what happened; no need to rehash it here.

There are few who can understand what it must be like having the entire world know who you are and want to follow your every step.  Kate’s late mother-in-law understood, and she discovered, toward the end of her life, that since the media were going to hound her every movement, she would switch up the roles in a sense and use that crushing scrutiny to her advantage.  And in doing so, Diana, Princess of Wales, was able to bring worldwide attention to the scourge of landmines and their victims, to the plight of AIDS victims, and other causes that she cared deeply about.

Huffington Post columnist Keli Goff has a similar idea for Kate.  Yes, it was an unforgivable invasion of a private time, but turn the tables.  As Goff hypothesizes, Kate Middleton’s boobs could save the world, if only she would let them.

An excellent read.

the right to breastfeed

20 Sep

A settlement was reached Wednesday in the case of a Colorado teacher who claims her contract was terminated in 2011 because she took breaks from the school day to breast-pump for her newborn daughter.  Colorado is one of 24 states with laws that specifically support the rights of breastfeeding mothers in the workplace.  (The right to breast-pump at work is now federally protected for one year after the birth of a child under the Affordable Care Act.)

“In the complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Ms. [Heather] Burgbacher and the ACLU alleged that the school at which she worked for five years didn’t renew her contract because she insisted on taking the time to produce milk at work for her newborn baby. She claims she was told that her termination wasn’t over job performance, but the conflict of her schedule of pumping, which amounted to 20 minutes three times a week. She said a supervisor told her to feed her baby formula instead,” writes the Wall Street Journal.  Not surprisingly, the school district claimed otherwise, but contends the settlement was reached to allow it to “focus on students.”

Burgbacher has since found other employment.


On Sex Education and Latinas

20 Sep

Lisa brought up sex education and I started preaching on a tangent, so I’m making a post about it.

I’d say easier access to birth control would help to correct the larger part of a massive problem, but for any progress made to be sustained we need sex education that extends beyond abstinence and that it needs to be offered bilingually. For the largest minority in the U.S., Latinos, birth control isn’t the silver bullet with Latinas, it’s better sex education AND birth control.

I personally can attest to this in Latino culture. My father is 100 percent Mexican and a Pastor. I attended a Christian school through elementary and middle school. My mother’s attempt at sex education was taking me to a Cracker Barrel (for breakfast…appetite eliminated) and flipping through an illustrated book she borrowed from the church. My sex education was essentially reading a borrowed copy of Cosmopolitan magazine under the covers with a flashlight at night (PITY ME). Sex does not exist in the Latino household.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center Study,  Latino parents aren’t discussing sex or birth control. “Just over half of Latino youths (53 percent) report that their parents talked to them about sex when they were growing up. A smaller share—39 percent—report that their parents talked to them about birth control.” Young Hispanics are having about the same amount of sex as other kids their age, but for some reason Latinas end up pregnant far more often than other races and ethnicity. I draw a parallel between the lack of transparency surrounding sex and the 51 percent of Latinas that will become pregnant before the age of 21, and one-fourth (26 percent) of Hispanic females that will be mothers by the time they reach age 19. Now, luckily for me I’ve never been pregnant. If I had, I probably would not find myself among the 32 percent of Latinos that have attained some level of a college education.

In summary…easier access to  birth control is a fantastic stride, but bilingual sex education that extends beyond abstinence is vital in sustaining any progress we make. Also, Cosmo Magazine does not get enough credit. Yes, they preach a very nasty shade of lipstick feminism and the sex tips are often ill-advised…but they taught me how to use a condom 🙂

The Female Vote and the 2012 Presidential Election

20 Sep

That is quite a gap. This is taken from the Pew Research Center, but the better poll is at TPM which I couldn’t get to embed in this post.

rocking the vote

20 Sep

Well done PSA, again from the Rock the Vote people.  The efforts to spark the young voters is admirable, and it’s worked in the past, but I’m curious if ads like this one, with the people this one features, is effective in jump starting a notoriously apathetic group.

What do you think?