saving the world one photo at a time?

20 Sep

Fabulous contributor Karalee posed a valuable question about celebrity and privacy in the wake of the shameful breach of the Duchess of Cambridge’s privacy while on vacation with her husband.  You know what happened; no need to rehash it here.

There are few who can understand what it must be like having the entire world know who you are and want to follow your every step.  Kate’s late mother-in-law understood, and she discovered, toward the end of her life, that since the media were going to hound her every movement, she would switch up the roles in a sense and use that crushing scrutiny to her advantage.  And in doing so, Diana, Princess of Wales, was able to bring worldwide attention to the scourge of landmines and their victims, to the plight of AIDS victims, and other causes that she cared deeply about.

Huffington Post columnist Keli Goff has a similar idea for Kate.  Yes, it was an unforgivable invasion of a private time, but turn the tables.  As Goff hypothesizes, Kate Middleton’s boobs could save the world, if only she would let them.

An excellent read.

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