Saudi Arabian Princess fights for Women’s Rights

23 Sep


Saudi Arabia is known for being widely against women’s rights. In the country, women are not allowed to drive  cars, travel alone, marry, study, take a job, or even have access to certain types of healthcare without the approval of her male guardian. All women are required to have a male guardian to approve their decisions. This role can be taken by fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, and even sons.

One prominent woman in Saudi Arabia is speaking out against the oppression, Princess Ameera al-Taweel. Ameera argues that 57% of college graduates in the country are women, women at least deserve the right to drive.

“I think it’s a very easy decision. And it is for the government. A lot of people are saying this is a social issue…. Education was a social issue. And a lot of people in Saudi Arabia were against women getting educated. Yet the decision was made,” said Ameera.  The princess hopes to unite young liberal Saudi women to actively lobby for equality.

It’s amazing to see a woman as privileged as the princess lobbying for the equality of her fellow women, especially considering how unpopular it is in her country. She is really serving as a great example of a woman brave enough to speak her opinion, even when the lawmakers in her country don’t want to hear it.

(If you want to learn more of the effects of male guardianship on women read this story: . This was a story of a young woman who was allowed to go to med school if her father could collect her salary.)

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  1. maliakmanor September 23, 2012 at 5:49 pm #

    I loved reading about this. You’re right; it is very impressive and moving. I think it is easy to forget that the oppression of women and even incredibly severe in some parts of the world. We, as a generation, are so lucky that our country is past that narrow mindset and it’s constantly broadening.

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