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“How Women Made Porn Fashionable”

24 Sep


I’m a big fan of the opinion section on news sites. I love looking through different sites to see the types of opinions they’re highlighting, especially during election season. I was looking at Fox New’s Op-Ed section and I found an article about women’s role in advocating porn in society.

The article essentially let all the blame for porn’s success fall on women, specifically, “Porn is becoming a new ideal and value for young girls. And women are responsible.” How are women responsible? Because 50 Shades of Grey exists, because Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton got reality shows from sex tapes,  because Octomom is a stripper, because Jessica Simpson put her baby into a bikini…

The author claims that, ” Porn could never have become mainstream and socially acceptable without the support and endorsement by women.”

I disagree, the examples the author has provided to blame women for the acceptance of porn are recent and barely pornographic. An erotic novel is fiction, as scandalous as Fifty Shades of Grey is, it’s imaginary. Like it or not, women reading erotica promotes a widening acceptance of sexuality, it isn’t a widespread endorsement for girls to enter adult entertainment.

Sex tape leaks of pseudo-celebrities hardly represent the whole female population either. I haven’t heard of normal women leaking sex tapes to get ahead in their careers. When that becomes a news story then that point may be relevant. Meanwhile, I don’t think its fair to say that over-sexualized celebrities represent female outlooks on sex.

And Jessica Simpson’s baby in a bikini? A baby in swimwear hardly promotes objectifying and sexualizing young women, as the author indicates. Mostly because she’s a baby, and those discussions shouldn’t be surrounding her yet.

Women’s actions had little to do with acceptance of porn. If anything, porn has survived because it has willing customers. What do you guys think?

Moving Forward?

24 Sep

Taking a step leap back


Check out the 1960’s commercial and see how women can work an office machine! I know I was shocked that we could push buttons to make a copy too. Every time I start to think women are gaining momentum in equality there is always an obsticle weither it be the glass ceiling, the wag gap or even women conterspection. Women gained the right to vote in 1920 yet 40 years later women are still not portrayed as equal and ignorant. This commercial shows how society viewed women in the 60’s as a sex symbol… has much changed?