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25 Sep

I went on a random youtube video binge, and I came across a video of Gloria Steinam talking about the ‘feminazi’ and the degradation of the term ‘feminist.’
I have come to associate feminism as an extreme movement, but this video made me wonder why. I always said that I was just feminist when it came to reproductive rights. But I still believe in Equal Pay for Equal Work and having more women in higher offices and corporations. I feel like maybe I should own the term.


because women can decide the election

25 Sep

What are women concerned about?


Iron Jawed Angels

25 Sep


Would you have sacrificed all that Alice Paul and the other women did? Is there any cause that you feel strongly
about? How far would you go to further that cause?

How would you feel if you did not have the right to vote today?

What has the right to vote brought to the lives of women? To the lives of men?

How would things be different today if women did not have the right to vote?


Plan B within New York City Schools

25 Sep


New York City Department of Education is launching the CATCH program. CATCH stands for Connecting Adolescents to Comprehensive Health. The program will allow young girls ages 14 and up to be able to receive emergency contraception without parental consent. According to the National Association of Nurses, the New York school district will be the only district to supply plan b within schools. Starting this fall, students will also be able to receive Depo-Provera. Under the CATCH program prescriptions will be written by Health Department Doctors, for such things as oral or injectable contraceptive methods.

What are your thoughts about the CATCH program and sex education within schools? Would your parents allow you to partake in the program? 


The Vagina. The More You Know.

25 Sep

The Vagina. The More You Know.

I saw this and about lost it. I hope you enjoy 🙂

just another music monday

25 Sep

(Okay so I’m a day late.  This is worth the wait.)

The music that celebrates equality is old.  It’s new.  It’s this.  It’s Janis Ian.  From 1976.