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91st Annual Fall Festival.

28 Sep

So, Monday begins the 91st Annual Fall Festival in Evansville, Indiana.
Evansville is my hometown, and like most Evansvillians, the Fall Festival is an annual MUST.
Thousands of people attend, eating delicious, random, inventive, and potentially grotesque foods- most of them fried.

Actually it is noted as the second largest street fest in the United States, under Mardi Gras.
It is such a unique atmosphere, especially due to the predominantly German culture on the West Side.
This will be the first time in a long time that I do not attend.
In a way, it makes me feel as though Evansville is even less my “home.” And that’s bittersweet, despite the insane amount
of sugar on West Franklin Street this weekend.

Do any of you have fall traditions?