Discussion on Readings

3 Oct

It is amazing that although these court cases happened around half a century ago, we are still having these arguments today. Gov. Romney has called Roe v. Wade “one of the darkest moments in Supreme Court history.” How can he put that decision up there next to ones like the Dred Scott decision? That decision was reversed for obvious reasons, and yet allowing women the right to choose is the same as making sure slaves are considered property even in free states?

Saying birth control leads to more sex sex is like saying antacids lead to overeating. Just because doctors have found a way of making sure couples are safer while having sex doesn’t mean that there will be more people sleeping around. Just because doctors have found ways to treat heartburn doesn’t mean people will eat whatever they want because they know they won’t get acid indigestion.

Sex education is more necessary than abstinence education because we can teach children about sexual intercourse and basic biology. Then we won’t have politicians who thinks the female body has a way of preventing pregnancy. during rape.

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