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Ever wonder why feminist movements are important? I wil give you a reason…..

4 Oct

A recently published study in the “American Political Science Review“, shows that the mobilization of feminist movements has been one of the leader factors in ending violence against women. The study has been conducted over four decades and in 70 countries. Image

Feminist movements have challenged mainstream frames about violence against women and redefined violence against women as a social problem. In the redefining of violence against women, feminists have demanded that the state and general public respond to this violence in a more concerned and meaningful way. Traditional concepts and frames of violence, were and still are, thought to be matters that are generally private and in instances of rape, very rare. This is why so often victims of violence are blamed for the act of violence. Ever heard these expressions: “Well, she was asking for it….look at what she was wearing. She should have known better to be out that late. She should just leave him. She should have known that it was going to be dangerous.” These expressions and many others produce a framework within society that leads to problematic views on what constitutes as violence against women and who is ultimately to blame for these acts of violence. Often the root of the violent behaviors is ignored and thus, the systematic structure of violence continues…even if some abusers and rapists are put behind bars. Feminists continue to make violence against women a personal issue, by identifying violence against women as a product of gender inequalities. By having feminists reject society’s normalization of abuse, feminists have come together to continue to push for change and progress all over the world.