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they are the “makers”

8 Oct

Check out Makers, a historic video initiative celebrating the female trailblazers.  Explore the women who were groundbreakers in politics, science, sports, the arts, business and education.

I chose my favorite.   (She’s pictured above.)  Which woman inspires you most?


Girls Beat up Muslim Man over Insult

8 Oct


It’s no secret that Muslim women in the Middle East are expected to dress modestly, ideally by wearing a hijab. Religious expectation in the region has become a cultural and sometimes even governmental mandate.

I found a story of two girls who fought back (violently) against the cultural norm. In Iran, two girls were walking when a Muslim cleric insulted one girl and told her to cover herself up. The girl told him to cover his eyes. He repeated his insult and told her to cover up.

What did they do? They beat him up.

The cleric had to be taken to the hospital. After he was let out, he decided not to press charges. He believes that the girls beating him up only helps the ’cause of the Islamic hijab.’

As wrong as it is, I was really happy these girls stood up for themselves, even if it was violently. I can’t imagine living in a society were I would be verbally abused for dressing the way I do. These were obviously girls who were done with the oppression and intolerance they faced, and their patience broke.

I hope that they are safe and that fundamentalist groups do not lash out against them and their families. Hopefully, Iran will view this as a funny isolated incident. Meanwhile, I am proud of their bravery and hope they channel it in a less violent way in the future. 🙂

just another music monday…

8 Oct

The music that celebrates empowerment is old.  It’s new.  It’s Christina Aguilera.

From 2003.


Molding the Melting Pot

8 Oct

The demographics of the modern family in America surprised me. I could understand why some of the statistics were going to be unpredictable, but didn’t think the findings would be so radical. I would assume that the majority of single family households would be headed by females, yet 80% of single households are headed by women. It is amazing that raising a child throughout their life time could cost up to a million dollars and not only are children financial burdens, but a social and emotional responsibility.

Another shocking fact is how the same-sex couples are underrepresented. Amazed that discrimination is embedded in the U.S. Census data. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics doe not even acknowledge same-sex marriage as legitimate. However they did make a “better” change. We should “thank” the census data for changing same-sex marriage from listing it as an “error” to the new improved “single household.” Same-sex marriage is no longer considered errors, they just don’t count their bond. Although according to chapter 8, the Obama Administration has announced they will release the data in the future.