Mormon church lowers age for mission work

9 Oct

The Mormon church has always been somewhat of a mystery to me, as I think it is a lot of people. My only connection to Mormons was Elizabeth Smart and Mitt Romney. I knew they had to go on missions, or could choose to, but I never knew there were age limits to go that differed for men and women. In the past, these age limits were 19 for men and 21 for women. This article discusses how the decision of the Mormon church is opening doors for women by allowing them to go on missions at 19.

It goes on to say that having a family is a top priority of Mormon women and by 21 they are consumed with finding a husband or starting a family and do not want to pull away from that to explore their faith and go on a mission. This step toward allowing women more choices seems to be a fundamental change to the Mormon religion that can benefit women tremendously. By allowing them to go out at a younger age, it opens the door to new opportunities and better life education for women.


If they start making this change, will less women want to get married and pursue their own lives?

Do you think this will lead to more changes in the Mormon faith?

2 Responses to “Mormon church lowers age for mission work”

  1. brittanyposey22 October 12, 2012 at 4:25 pm #

    I think that it may lead to more women of the Mormon faith wanting to pursue things outside of getting married and having a family. I think it could lead to more going to college and having careers. However, I’m not sure how much it will actually affect these women. They will still feel that pressure from their family and community to get married and have children. This change might not be enough to override those pressures.

  2. shaybrandon October 13, 2012 at 8:00 pm #

    From what I’ve been told from friends who are Mormon, women/girls do not often go on mission trips. Yes, it’s offered but it as seen as something that the girls who are not engaged do. With the age change I think more girls will go but I do believe that the pressure to get married and have children will still be there. It may allow more women to see the world but I’m not sure how much it will change the faith.

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