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Malala is brave

11 Oct

I posted about Malala’s attack  few days ago. After reading more about what happened to her I think that she is really brave. Yes, this was a terrible thing that happened to her. She is still a child and she was attacked by adults who know better; she was not a terrorist threat, but a young woman who wanted to go to school. It appears that her attack has started a country wide outrage against the Taliban.

I hope that when Malala recovers she continues to fight on for her passion for education and for the education of girls in Pakistan. I hope that she sees her attack as a sign that she has power to change the way things are. I hope that she stays strong and accomplishes her goal of becoming a political leader.

When Read in this Order…

11 Oct

I’m sitting at the desk, just now in DeHority, reading the articles given to us yesterday. 
As I try to focus, despite the screaming vacuum surrounding me, I begin with 
14-year-old girl wins Pakistan’s first peace prize- and as I’m reading I think
about 1) The comment made about television is interesting. It is the polar opposite of the 
United States where children are nagged to not watch TV but study instead. 2) I wished the 
article would expand on what contributed to her receiving the award. 3) The article seemed 
unrealistic– perhaps because Pakistan chose a child/ GIRL.

I then picked up the next article Taliban attack wounds teen activist blogger- Once 
I started this article and realized it was about the same girl, my reactions continued: 4) I felt this deep
sadness and disgust at what had happened to her, but 5) It seemed like real life.Unfortunately. 

Trending: “IncestFest”

11 Oct

Recently, we have been discussing incest in my Family Law class; in light of that, I decided to search for an article concerning that unsettling topic. Initially, I was hoping to find some disgusting, soap opera- like story to entertain all of us, but I found something else, and I found it to be much more thought provoking.


I came across an article written for the Harvard Crimson, addressing the title “IncestFest,” meant to describe the existence of very close communities, or houses. The author of this opinion, Samantha Berstiler, does not approve of throwing the word “incest” around when the reality of this word is terrifying and should be respected.         If you’d like to read the article.


This made me think of several other relate able topics, which today receive little respect. Interestingly enough, all the topics generally have something to do with sex, whether it be incest, rape, or intercourse. Honestly, I do not know why this is. Why has sex become blase´? I realize that we are living in a sexual generation where sex, particularly before marriage, is more accepted and honestly, I think, assumed. But when did sex leave the realm of sensuality and seriousness and step through the threshold of hilarity?


Phrases such as “that’s what SHE said!” and  “under the sheets” are prevalent in everyday conversation, and it is not just among high school students and college students. I hear snickers for these comments from older adults.


Do you think sex is funny? If so, why? Does the joking make one perceive it in a less significant light?