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Malala Yousafzai

12 Oct

I was impressed by her courage and perseveranceI think this article is indicative of a larger trend going on in the Arab community. Civil uprisings have been occurring more often in the past 5 years, and I think over the next 20 years we will see theocratic governments of these nations begin to change their tactics with the new generation. Along with efforts like those of Greg Mortenson, education is the catalyst to advances in society.Image

thanks ellen…

12 Oct

And the Bic Girl Pen continues to amuse.  Did Ellen read our blog?  Matters not.  She puts her special Ellen treatment on our favorite pink and purple writing tools.


“The Choice on Choice”

12 Oct

President Obama posted this on his twitter earlier and it got me thinking about about the fact that birth control and abortion are still major issues in American politics. It’s 30 years later and Roe v. Wade is still controversial! In our modern society I think this is just ludicrous! No matter my own personal views on abortion, I think that we live in a democratic society and we should not impose our own views on everyone. Not everyone in America is religious or against abortion. They should have the right to choose! Furthermore, I’m tired of these social issues being at the top of political agenda when we should be focusing on fixing the economy! I’m trying to give Romney and Ryan a fair chance and really consider their policies and plans. However, it’s things like this that just affirm that I am supporting the right candidates. What are your thoughts on this? Should these social issues be a major topic of discussion?

Response to the Malala Article

12 Oct

When I read this article I was so angered! It’s hard to believe that things like this still happen in today’s world! I think that she is truly one of the bravest people I have ever heard of. She knew the possible consequences of her actions but she still wanted to fight for what is right! She is an amazing woman at only 14 years old! I don’t know if I would even be able to muster that much bravery if I was in her situation. She is a true inspiration for women. I hope that things get better for the women in her country. I hope that her actions inspire other women to stand up for their rights. I know that it inspired me to be a more proactive person.

Response to Malala’s Story

12 Oct

It’s amazing how much our world still hast to learn. Malala is very brave to speak out on the need for change, especially when we will live in a day and age that calls for equality. I feel the way she approched the situation was beyond her right. She wanted the world to see how much help is needed not just where she is but everywhere. Her bravery speaks volume especially given the consequences she was to face. Hopefully this story and those like hers will catch the attention of those who are willing to push for a good casue, and give these women and young girls a voice and a leg to stand on.  Also that the wrong doers will see that they will eventually have no rule over these types of situations.

Malala Response

12 Oct


When I read Malala’s story I was struck by her bravery and maturity. She understood the importance of getting an education and she fought for it. She had gained her country’s attention and admiration from her defiant blog posts. Apparently, the Taliban found that attention threatening. 

After I read the articles, I saw a story on PBS about her. People in Pakistan were protesting to support her, disgusted that the Taliban would attack a young girl. The Taliban have stated that if she survives this attack, they will try to kill her again. I found this so shocking. Its clear the Taliban feel threatened by all dissent, no matter how minor. If anything, they’re damaging their cause. Malala has now become a victim, a symbol, and hopefully not a martyr.

Maybe this tragedy will inspire the Pakistani people to rise up against Taliban and effectively cut it’s influence and power. Then young girls like Malala can pursue the education and the life they deserve without fear.