Malala Response

12 Oct


When I read Malala’s story I was struck by her bravery and maturity. She understood the importance of getting an education and she fought for it. She had gained her country’s attention and admiration from her defiant blog posts. Apparently, the Taliban found that attention threatening. 

After I read the articles, I saw a story on PBS about her. People in Pakistan were protesting to support her, disgusted that the Taliban would attack a young girl. The Taliban have stated that if she survives this attack, they will try to kill her again. I found this so shocking. Its clear the Taliban feel threatened by all dissent, no matter how minor. If anything, they’re damaging their cause. Malala has now become a victim, a symbol, and hopefully not a martyr.

Maybe this tragedy will inspire the Pakistani people to rise up against Taliban and effectively cut it’s influence and power. Then young girls like Malala can pursue the education and the life they deserve without fear. 

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