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Why Girls Hate Each Other

15 Oct

Jenna Marbles is an internet comedian who sometimes dies serious videos. This was a video she did awhile back and this is what I thought of while watching Miss Representation.

Amanda Todd’s Silent Story

15 Oct

After class today, I was really thinking about what the video had presented, so I wanted to look at the media and see what was on there today. I went to CNN, an accredited news source, and I was scrolling down the page when I came to a link leading me to this:

This article is about a girl who killed herself after posting a incredibly haunting video on youtube.
I then proceeded to look up the video:  

If you find time, watch the video. I thought this provided a powerful example of where the media can lead young girls.
Amanda Todd felt pressure to be sexually appealing to a male and that was where her downfall began.

15 Oct

“You can’t be what you can’t see.”

Are you angry?  Discuss in the comments.  And take the pledge.

just another music monday…

15 Oct

The music that celebrates women’s empowerment is old.  It’s new.  It’s Unwritten.

Natasha Bedingfield from 2005.


Newsflash: The HPV vaccine does not increase sexual activity

15 Oct

I’ve read this article from numerous sources and question it every time. Kaiser Permanete/Emory University did a study that showed nearly half of eligible girls have not received even one dose of the three dose series shot. The article talks about how it is believed that many people think because it protects against HPV, an STD, many parents do not want to give it to their children for fear it condones sexual activity. The study shows that over a three year period, with the vaccine, there was no marked increase in sexual activity and the vaccine did not modify their behavior any more than their peers.

I got this vaccine at the urging of doctor and parents before sexual activity was even a thought in my head. I never once thought “oh I have this vaccine and won’t get this STD, so I’ll go ahead and do this”. When kids are that young, do they even know what an STD is and what the vaccine does? How ethical is it for parents to give their children the vaccine without telling them what it is? Would that protect against an increase in sexual activity in young teenagers?

To my 15 year old self…

15 Oct


On CNN, they posted advice inspiring women would give to their fifteen year old selves. Women like Melinda Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and other successful women encouraged their past selves to overcome adversity and look forward to a bright future. That made me wonder what I’d write to myself.

Dear 15 year old me, 

I know you’ve always secretly wished time travel were real so you could know how your life turns out. Well, so far life is amazing. You find yourself, your ambition, and love. Look forward to the future, don’t be scared! Be confident, never lose sight of who you are and the type of person you want to be. The career you want will change, but the person you want to be and the life you want to live will not. Just trust yourself, and I promise you’ll be okay.

What would your letters say? What do you wish you knew at 15?

You can read what Oprah and others wrote, here.

Alice Paul coins

15 Oct



I love the idea of someone like Alice Paul being celebrated. I think more effort should go into educating and increasing awareness for those who made a positive difference on history. The coin is being released with the presidential coins and first spouse coins, which frankly I see as pointless. Everyone knows who the presidents are and they get enough appreciation. She is being grouped together with all the presidents’ wives, which I don’t think is fair to her. She fought hard, and most of the First Ladies are only famous for who they married. Most made a positive difference, but only did so because they were in a position to persuade. We need to celebrate more people like Alice Paul.

Malala’s Bravery

15 Oct

Malala is incredibly brave for risking her life to fight for women’s education. While the violence against Malala is hard for us to imagine, we do not have to go far back in America’s history to find similar violence over the same issue. Only about 50 years ago, our country saw black men and women trying to get an equal education who were met by violence. While the government made a law to desegregate the schools, they let the states figure out how to enforce it. They did little to ensure that blacks were safe in school or allowed into the building. It took years after the law was passed for any progress to be made. I feel that it is a similar situation in the Middle East. Pakistan’s government condemned the attack, but is that really going to bring safety to Malala, her family, or other girls attempting to go to school in the conservative region of Swat Valley? I hope that Malala and others will continue this fight to make sure everyone in the whole world can get an equal education.

Females in sports

15 Oct

I was reading news from back home and realized something interesting on coverage of high school sports. The two main teams back home are falcons and panthers but whenever it refers to a girl’s sports team they are the lady falcons and the lady panthers.

Why was it automatically assumed the mascots were males and the girls teams should be lady _____?

What example does that set for the females in the school? Do you think it puts males in a stronger, more athletic position and discourages female athletes?