Females in sports

15 Oct

I was reading news from back home and realized something interesting on coverage of high school sports. The two main teams back home are falcons and panthers but whenever it refers to a girl’s sports team they are the lady falcons and the lady panthers.

Why was it automatically assumed the mascots were males and the girls teams should be lady _____?

What example does that set for the females in the school? Do you think it puts males in a stronger, more athletic position and discourages female athletes?


One Response to “Females in sports”

  1. lisaanneryan October 21, 2012 at 6:53 pm #

    I don’t think the word lady is necessary for women’s teams. I think it takes away from them a little to be separated from the men’s teams like that. We learn in journalism classes not to say “lady” because while someone may be a woman, they are not necessarily a lady. It seems to take away some of their power by calling them lady panthers or lady falcons.

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