Malala’s Bravery

15 Oct

Malala is incredibly brave for risking her life to fight for women’s education. While the violence against Malala is hard for us to imagine, we do not have to go far back in America’s history to find similar violence over the same issue. Only about 50 years ago, our country saw black men and women trying to get an equal education who were met by violence. While the government made a law to desegregate the schools, they let the states figure out how to enforce it. They did little to ensure that blacks were safe in school or allowed into the building. It took years after the law was passed for any progress to be made. I feel that it is a similar situation in the Middle East. Pakistan’s government condemned the attack, but is that really going to bring safety to Malala, her family, or other girls attempting to go to school in the conservative region of Swat Valley? I hope that Malala and others will continue this fight to make sure everyone in the whole world can get an equal education.

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