Newsflash: The HPV vaccine does not increase sexual activity

15 Oct

I’ve read this article from numerous sources and question it every time. Kaiser Permanete/Emory University did a study that showed nearly half of eligible girls have not received even one dose of the three dose series shot. The article talks about how it is believed that many people think because it protects against HPV, an STD, many parents do not want to give it to their children for fear it condones sexual activity. The study shows that over a three year period, with the vaccine, there was no marked increase in sexual activity and the vaccine did not modify their behavior any more than their peers.

I got this vaccine at the urging of doctor and parents before sexual activity was even a thought in my head. I never once thought “oh I have this vaccine and won’t get this STD, so I’ll go ahead and do this”. When kids are that young, do they even know what an STD is and what the vaccine does? How ethical is it for parents to give their children the vaccine without telling them what it is? Would that protect against an increase in sexual activity in young teenagers?

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