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Richard Murdock, Indiana Senate Candidate, makes Akin-like statements.

23 Oct


“You Don’t Own Me”

23 Oct

I know it is not a Music Monday, but I thought you all would enjoy this!

Well this is interesting…

23 Oct

Here is a video of Mitt Romney speaking in 1994 about his abortion policy. I think it will be clear to you that it’s very different from what he says now… Personally I hate that he is changing his stance on so many issues. Even if I didn’t like Obama, there would be no way I could morally vote for Romney because, in my opinion, he lies. He panders to whatever audience he speaks to at the time. His policies change daily. It’s very frustrating as a voter! His stance on almost every policy has changed multiple times. What are your thoughts on this flip flopping? Do you find that this is a common practice among politicians in general?


Ugh, more election sexism

23 Oct

This article from Salon talks about Stephanie Cutter, the deputy Campaign Director for President Obama’s reelection.  It discusses how much more attention has been paid to her, even over other campaign officials who are more senior in position to her.  It also mentions the sexist undertones of these criticisms, and that the searches people conduct on the internet are for information regarding her personal life, rather than her professional one.

skinny MINNIE model

23 Oct

Okay, so our society tolerates the skinny/size zero models that walk the catwalk to show off designer clothes. However I don’t understand how a high end fashion store, Barney’s, is allowed to take a children’s role model/cartoon and distort it into a version of an anorexic model.

The cartoon Minnie Mouse is definitely as Minnie as can be. The Disney character is used in the “Electric Holiday” advertisement to represent what she would look like as a supermodel and the image is disturbing. If we thought the dimensions of the Barbie doll were out of proportion; Minnie Mouse’s arms, legs and even neck are extended in length and as tiny as a penciled line.

The decision was intentional and approved my Barney Executives. The Creative Director of Electric Holiday said, “…The standard Minnie Mouse will not look so good in a Lanvin dress.”Over 125,000 people have signed a petition at to protest against the altering of a Disney figure. Shockingly, even the spokesman of Disney, Nidia Tatalovich, is backing the department store in their decision to turn the innocent children’s character into a thin model.

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