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just read it…

25 Oct

There is a reason that I adore John Scalzi.  He doesn’t mince words.  (Warning:  triggers for victims of rape/sexual assault.  He gives the same warning and he’s not joking.)

A letter from a rapist.



God’s Response to Mourdock

25 Oct

God’s Response to Mourdock

This was written by The Onion and apparently even God wants to distance himself from Mourdock.

prepare to start behind…

25 Oct

Female workers continue to financially lag behind, earning roughly 79 cents for every dollar their male colleagues earn.  (That’s an increase of a penny from the 2009 survey.  YAY!  Ahem.)

Where did the gap happen?  When did it start?

A new study, conducted by the American Association of University Women, concludes that women in the workplace didn’t just gradually slide behind over the course of their careers.  Rather (and more alarmingly) they contend that women begin their careers being compensated less than their male counterparts, right from the start, even in female-dominated areas, such as teaching.

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Coulter and the “R” word

25 Oct


After the foreign policy debate Ann Coulter tweeted her support for Romney being nice to “the retard” referring to Obama. Not only does this prove that women can be just as ignorant as men, it clearly shows the turn politics has taken in recent years. I can’t imagine anyone saying something like this about the President 10-15 years ago. She has gotten a lot of backlash for her comments from reporters, the Special Olympics, and parents of children with special needs.


As someone in a position to be a role model for young women, she did a very poor job at setting a positive example. It’s become common knowledge that using a word like that is completely inappropriate and someone in a position to show a strong, independent woman just threw all her respect out the window.