prepare to start behind…

25 Oct

Female workers continue to financially lag behind, earning roughly 79 cents for every dollar their male colleagues earn.  (That’s an increase of a penny from the 2009 survey.  YAY!  Ahem.)

Where did the gap happen?  When did it start?

A new study, conducted by the American Association of University Women, concludes that women in the workplace didn’t just gradually slide behind over the course of their careers.  Rather (and more alarmingly) they contend that women begin their careers being compensated less than their male counterparts, right from the start, even in female-dominated areas, such as teaching.

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2 Responses to “prepare to start behind…”

  1. jcjohnson3 October 25, 2012 at 12:29 pm #

    That’s shocking to me…. you’d think there would be an average starting pay that both men and women would receive. Are men really more valuable as employees?!?

  2. Beth Mathavich October 28, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    This is so irritating. A couple of summers ago, a guy friend of mine got a summer job working for the highway department as a project manager (A job that they definitely would not give to a female). He was 22, and had no work experience, but still got hired on as a manager making close to $20/hr. However, I was making a little above minimum wage, and I have worked ever since I was 15. I was so frustrated. I know we weren’t doing the same job, but even with my years of work experience, I never would have been able to get that job. But since he was a large, authoritative looking guy he got a job that paid twice the hourly wage as mine.

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