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Feminism Today- –

29 Oct

When I was trying to get inspiration for my bio, I stumbled across this NBC interview I saw over the summer.  Catlin Moran is a British author, whose book came to the US this July.  She writes about third wave feminism, and the many issues we still face today as women.  She makes many good points, but what the video reminded me was that in my opinion, one of the most important differences between second and third wave feminism is the use of humor.  This is one of the most important differences because humor can easily diffuse a tough topic, it can ease people into an idea that might’ve once been off putting to them.


Romney and Ryan have gone silent

29 Oct


With the arrival of Hurricane Sandy Romney and Ryan have gone oddly quiet about their stance on cutting FEMA and Disaster Relief.

What are acceptable Halloween costumes?

29 Oct

In the spirit of Halloween I felt that this was only fitting. I remembered last year seeing an ad about what kinds of Halloween costumes are offensive. In particular those that portrayed certain cultures in a less than flattering manner. They used the slogan “We’re a culture, not a costume.” How do you feel about this? Where do we draw the line on what makes a clever costume and what may offend someone more than we realize?

Gender differences in sports

29 Oct

I read this article in which University of Connecticut women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma suggests the hoop height should be lowered in women’s basketball so more people will be interested. He argues that women are usually shorter and have more difficulties making layups and other shots which makes the games feel slower and less interesting. In softball the fields are smaller, in women’s volleyball the nets are shorter; are these genuinely to help female players be at a level of men or are they gender biased to discount women’s achievements in sports?

just another music monday…

29 Oct

The music that celebrates women’s empowerment is old.  And it’s new.  And it’s Chaka Khan.

I’m Every Woman from 1978.

Positive female role models on NBC

29 Oct

MissRepresentation got me thinking about why no one attempts to have positive female role models and when our role as a female is decided. I realized little girls watching princess movies are conditioned to think that is how life should be from a very early age. This week NBC’s The Office put on a Halloween episode that addressed a parent’s role in making positive role models for children. I thought it was interesting that NBC made it a parent’s role yet they are also a media outlet providing this insight. It was almost a double whammy on who should be responsible for creating the role models: parents or the media? Take a look at around the 1 minute mark.