Is Feminism Dead?

31 Oct


According to a poll by Netmums, 1 in 7 women consider themselves feminists. This poll concluded that feminism is old fashioned and that the new battle for women was to ‘reinstate the value of motherhood’ according to 69% of the poll. The website called this new form of feminism ‘FeMEnism’, meaning that a woman has a personal choice in what she decides are relevant women’s issues. Old views of feminism are archaic. 

I found a fabulous counter-article on the real relevance of feminism. The author noted that feminism can hardly be called ‘dead’ based on this statistic because 1 in 7 women equals 4.5 million proud feminists. Additionally, the poll sample only came from Netmum users, that considered the poll probably isn’t that accurate.

There’s a misperception on the term feminist. Being a feminist doesn’t require a woman being a vehement activist. It just requires a person to think that women and men should be treated equally. People with that basic philosophy probably don’t think about labeling themselves. It is very common for people to want equality between races and sexes, I’d argue that a vast majority of women and men are feminists (Phyllis Shlafly‘s of the world excluded.) 

The author of the article put it best, “I can’t tell you how many feminists there are by percentage, or geographical location or ratio. But I can tell you there are a lot. Far more than you might expect of a ‘dead’ movement. I can think of no corresponding concept which critics and media alike are so wildly keen to loudly proclaim ‘Dead!’ ‘Finished!’ ‘Over!’ on the basis of the flimsiest of evidence. And that, in itself, speaks volumes.”

What do you think? Are you or other people you know reluctant to label themselves as feminists? 



2 Responses to “Is Feminism Dead?”

  1. kjbaker24 October 31, 2012 at 12:39 am #

    I definitely think the word ‘feminist’ has an automatic link to being ‘radical’ or ‘crazy’ or even submit people to eyerolls. They expect all feminists to be in your face about their beliefs and rights at the littlest thing. I think I mentioned in class how I have a feminist friend who somehow, someway, makes everything seem like a vendetta against women.

    But by the definition provided here, I’m definitely a feminist and proud of it!

  2. cassiedebolt October 31, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    I’m not a “feminist” by typical terms but I definitely consider myself one. I think being a feminist is more about being able to rely on yourself above others. I know I will be taken care of by others in my life but I can and intend to take care of myself. I feel like it’s about knowing you’d be okay without someone else by your side whether it be a husband, wife, kids, anyone. Fighting for the equality of men and women comes with that territory. You can’t expect to take care of yourself in a world where you aren’t equal to those around you.

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