Women voter stereotype

31 Oct

I came across this opinion article where the author talks about women taking backward steps in using their ability to vote. She points out that women are often too busy to read the newspaper or watch the nightly news, let alone a debate, to learn what the candidates really stand for and are instead voting with their “heart instead of their head”. She calls this the woman voter stereotype. The author is upset that women have worked so hard to get the vote years ago and aren’t even taking the time to get informed about who they want to vote for, or even voting. Do we take that right for granted?

One Response to “Women voter stereotype”

  1. clairekochmer October 31, 2012 at 11:55 pm #

    I don’t think that it is even fair to ask that question. Women should have always had the right to vote. Yes, it is a shame when women don’t vote or become educated on topics relating to politics, but NOBODY criticizes the male who is an undecided voter, voting with his “gut”. I find this article extremely irritating because it implies that we as women still need to prove our right to vote, and we shouldn’t.

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