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How Effective is Funny?

1 Nov

1. These videos are slightly inappropriate.
2. They are HILARIOUS!
1. Do you think social media is an effective approach when trying to educate others about candidates?
2. Do you think these sorts of videos tear people away from the issues and cause them to focus on less important factors?
– If so, what are those factors?

a child speaks for a nation…

1 Nov

What Abby says.

Voting and Hormones

1 Nov

Some of you guys might have already heard of the article on CNN that connects who women want to vote for to their ovulation cycles. When a woman is ovulating, she is more likely to vote for a liberal candidate. Not to get too personal, but this must mean I’m ovulating ALL the time.

For obvious reasons, the post was almost immediately taken down. I find it amazing that analysts are constantly generalizing demographics and look for artificial, stupid reasons to explain how they vote. Women do not vote for the cutest candidate or the tallest candidate or the candidate they want to go on a date with…. analysts like the one on CNN need to realize that the campaign has been going on a while, and most American women have made up their minds on a candidate because they probably had some time to think about the issues.

What do you guys think?

“Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From the 2012 Election”

1 Nov

This article was written by a female blogger and talks about her observations of things that have gone on during this presidential election. She does it in a very humorous manner. I think she also does a good job of summing up the kind of circus that this election has been! Give it a quick read! I promise it will make you laugh! I feel really similarly to her. Do you agree with her? What are your thoughts about this election? What have you learned? Have these issues made you want to become more politically involved?