A hero of Hurricane Sandy

2 Nov



Emily Rahimi, social media manager for the New York Fire Department, relayed tweets to 911 dispatchers.


I found a CNN article among the coverage of Hurricane Sandy that showed the power women can have in times of crisis. Emily Rahimi run the NYFD twitter account and when the storm hit she stuck it out at her office responding to hundreds of frantic tweets by people trapped or just scared. After Sandy hit, the 911 dispatch center was flooded with calls and Rahimi took the information from the tweets to ensure people got the help they needed. She posted updates about the crane dangling from a high rise, rising waters, and the fire that broke out in Breezy Point. Despite all the help she had given the NYFD and those in need she doesn’t consider herself a hero. Days later she is still responding to tweets from people all across the city, those in need and those just letting her know she helped.

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