Rep. Linda Lawson gives an emotional appeal

4 Nov

After Rep. Eric Turner said that we should prevent abortions even in cases of rape because women could be lying in order to receive an abortion, Rep. Linda Lawson gave her tearful story on being a sex crimes investigator and seeing women who were hurt have to go through court and face their attacker. She said women who had to go through that ordeal would not be making it up.

Watch the video and see if her tears enhance her story or take away from her point. Personally, I think her tears help us imagine what it was her job was like and help us see how passionate and sincere she she is about this issue.

One Response to “Rep. Linda Lawson gives an emotional appeal”

  1. Beth Mathavich November 4, 2012 at 8:46 pm #

    I think that the tears/anger definitely helps her to make her point. She definitely got my attention.

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