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just another music monday…

5 Nov

The music that celebrates women is old.  It’s new.  No Doubt it’s Gwen Stefani!

I’m Just a Girl from 2003.


How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World

5 Nov

This book by Jordan Christy is hands down on of my favorite books. I started re-reading it and started making links to our class topics. The introduction “Stupid Girls” talks about where those negative role models for women got their power and how it came to be that our society valued reality show stars over more powerful, important women. I found this quote and had to share it

” They’re obnoxious (stupid girls) and, for some reason, always the center of attention. Why? Because smart, classy, and successful ladies’ slots on the local news have been supplanted by a play-by-play of Paris’s clinkworthy antics and Lindsay Lohan’s spiral into rehab.”


She goes on to say that as long as women are ok selling their self-respect for free publicity our society isn’t going to change. The book as a whole talks about how you can personally regain that classiness we seem to have lost. Where do you think the power of these “stupid girls” comes from and where did it start?