I am Proud to be a Woman…

6 Nov


Who am I?

Oh, hey. My name is Shay and I am studying Political Science, with a minor in Social Work, at Ball State. I am a sister of the Rho Gamma chapter of Phi Mu and I am an extremely dedicated counselor at Camp Isanogel. I am a senior and I am looking forward to (and freaking out about) what lies ahead.

Why are you proud to be a woman?

I am proud to be a woman because it means that I can be a role model. It has taken me a long time to realize that there is nothing wrong with being myself. I want to help other women and girls realize that they there is nothing wrong with them being themselves. There is a stigma that women and girls are expected to be one way or another. I want to help others to see that women do not have to be put into boxes (or binders), there is nothing wrong with being outside the norm.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be and why?

I would change the way that people stereotype each other. Stereotypes are how people are viewed, they are what is to be expected. People need to look at what is actually happening. Stereotypes take away from a person’s individuality and make them a part of a group. I do not believe that this is okay. I am not saying that I have never stereotyped anyone because I have. What bothers me is that it is so easy to stereotype. If I could make it so that people see the person first, I think that we would be one step closer to losing all stereotypes.

What has been one thing that you have learned from this course so far?

If I have learned anything from this class it is how hard women have worked to get to where they are today. If I had not been in this class I would not have known that much about Women’s Suffrage or how the media portrays women. Women need to be removed from the roles that they have been assigned, I believe this class will help me and my class mates figure out how to do that. I have enjoyed learning about how women gained power in the US and what they have done with that power. It is very impressive to know all that the Suffragettes did for me and what all the females in power are doing now.


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  1. jennifer ludy grove November 6, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

    Excellent Shay!!

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