7 Nov


Hey to all! My name is Cortney. I am a senior at BSU studying Political Science, with a minor in Criminal Justice Criminology. I am that one girl who laughs at everyone’s jokes even if they aren’t funny. I love life, family, and friends. I am looking forward to graduating and becoming a phenomenal woman. I don’t want to leave this earth without making that positive impact on someone’s life, just as those before me have done in mine.
Why are you proud to be a Woman?
I am proud to be a woman because the struggles I have gone through don’t define me and my life. They only compliment it. I have came out of every situation stronger and wiser and that is what I believe characterizes a lot of women. From the struggles in the 1920s to our present, womanly struggles we still prevail. Women are the glue to keeping this world intact. Without women who possessed such strong qualities you and I wouldn’t be here today.

If I could change one thing in the world it would be? Why?
If I could change one thing in the world it would be to end all diseases and aliments. Finding a cure to many cancers, diseases and ailments would give my life a purpose. Seeing people fight for their lives leaves me desperate to help them and find a cure for whatever it may be. Everyone should be allowed to live life to the fullest. Whether it is raising money to further research, rally for the cure, I am ready to defeat these monsters. I’m ready to push for life, breath, and the continual love of family and friends.

What does the future of women in politics look like?
I feel that the future of women in politics looks very promising. We proved this with this year’s election. More and more women are more concerned about their gender as a whole and ready to embark on new territory in defending their existence. Women are ready to take the lead and not necessarily prove themselves but show America what has been there from the very beginning. May the movement of women in office and in politics LIVE ON! And may more young women see this year’s triumph as motivation to one day move in their footsteps and make their own!

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