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Muncie Police Department

8 Nov

My friend, who is a woman, told me she recently had some problems trying to talk to officers at the Muncie Police Department. Tuesday there was an armed robbery, so as a member of a student news organization, she called to confirm information. The man told her to hold, but she was on hold for so long, she hung up and called back. The man on the line paused for so long that my friend asked him if he was there. He said yes, but he couldn’t give her any information.

After hanging up, she was incredibly confused. Journalists call the police department all the time to confirm information. Why was this man acting so strange? Another reporter told her that it happens all the time with the Muncie Police Department, and that they needed to have a man call and ask for information Sure enough, a male reporter called to find out information and didn’t have a problem. The officer told him everything he needed to know and more. 

I don’t want to say the police department is sexist because I wasn’t there to witness this exchange, but it does seem like a strange situation. And it seems to have happened multiple times, according to other reporters from other news organizations in Muncie.