It’s a Hard-Knock Life (for Girls)

12 Nov

This Video discusses the issues that many young girls face while watching television.  It states that only 32% of girls are leads on shows.  I thought it was a good summary of problems that still exist for young girls looking for role models.  Something else I found interesting about this video is that they call for more diversity in television, yet all of these girls were thin, white, and wearing skirts.  If you are going to call for change in media, why not start with yourself? And they end with the girl having a pillow fight? (EYEROLL).  Why not with them playing their favorite sport? or chess? ANYTHING THAT GIRLS ACTUALLY DO.

One Response to “It’s a Hard-Knock Life (for Girls)”

  1. karaleesmith November 13, 2012 at 12:54 pm #

    I agree the video is ironic. The catchy song goes on and on about diversity and stereotypes, yet the cast was made up of skinny, white pretty girls. They are dressed in pink and wearing the “typical” girl clothing. I wanted to watch a video about strong, diverse young ladies who are annoyed with the “typical” white girl on television. If you are upset about how television portrays girls you shouldn’t make a cookie cutter video of what everyone already sees on T.V.

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