Judged on Character

14 Nov

In the 21st century, your life is under a microscope. Your deepest thoughts are posted on Twitter. An iPhone can pin point your direct location. Your face is splashed on the largest social network, Facebook, for the world to see. So I was not surprised that a political figure’s scandal was exposed this weekend.

David H. Petraeus is a well-respected military figure and never fell short when it came to his job, yet his marriage was another story. Petraeus was a four-star general and a heavily involved leader in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was also appointed by President Obama to be the director of Central Intelligence Agency. Regardless of his career once his affair was revealed he resigned.

There has been a stir of conversation to whether a public figure’s personal life should affect their job. Personally, if you become a public figure whether you are a general or a talk show host, you are a role model. Your actions regardless if they are in front of a camera or in a closed off room should be ethical. I think resigning was the best action because your character should be reflected in both your public and personal life.

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  1. lisaanneryan November 14, 2012 at 12:43 pm #

    In most cases I disagree with anyone having to resign over a private problem, but when you are in the CIA your private life can affect the security of the nation. Those in favor of Petraeus’ resignation said that if another country had found out about the affair, he could have been blackmailed. I was at first upset that his private life had taken center stage when he is such an accomplished military figure, but I can understand the need to hold the director of the CIA to a higher standard.

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