A Human Right

18 Nov

The UN recently declared that birth control is now a universal human right. Women deciding when they have children and how many directly effects their quality of life.  The UN study reports:

“Studies have shown that investing in family planning helps reduce poverty, improve health, promote gender equality, enable adolescents to finish their schooling, and increase labourforce participation.

When a woman is able to exercise her reproductive rights, she is more able to benefit from her other rights, such as the right to education. The results are higher incomes, better health for her and her children and greater decision-making power for her, both in the household and the community.”

I’m very happy that the UN has acknowledged the importance of birth control access, but real change can’t come until society changes. One example the report cited is that the Catholic churches influence in the Phillapines has completely prevented poor women from getting birth control. Lower income countries also suffer access problems. Hopefully, family planning will be more affordable and accessible as time passes.

2 Responses to “A Human Right”

  1. monbla November 19, 2012 at 9:22 am #

    As someone from the Phils, yes, it has been a frustration for a very long time already that our senate cannot pass a proper reproductive health rights bill because of the heavy influence of Christian groups.

    We have hospitals denying medical attention to medical emergencies due to failed abortions, an increase in the number of people with HIV and people having more children than they could afford.

    What is frustrating about this is that some senators fail to recognize the overwhelming clamor by the Filipino public for the RH Bill to get passed. It is still undergoing amendments (and a lot of delaying tactics in between). Meanwhile for everyday we delay, approximately 11-15 women are dying.

  2. Beth Mathavich November 19, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    it’s about time!

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