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Sophia Rossi’s “BFF” chats

24 Nov

This is a video where Sophia Rossi (part creator of the website Hello Giggles), takes time to answer questions from girls about their friendship problems. She always has a guest on with her, and they are generally one of her own BFF’s. This is a great website for women of all ages who have friendship problems. She says in one of the videos that she does this because there are plenty of dating advice platforms out there, but not enough for girl friend problems. I really enjoyed this, and I hope you do too 🙂

Pee power!

24 Nov

While stumbling around the internet yesterday I came across this article about four young women in Africa that have created something quite incredible. According to the article, the girls have found a way to turn one liter of urine into six hours of power, quite an amazing feat for girls much younger than myself.