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Passed up for promotions?

27 Nov

I was catching up on my hometown news via a blog written as a news source by a family friend. He recently covered the Kenosha Sheriff Department promotions. Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to it but I couldn’t  help but notice all the promotions and re-assignments were men. Now, in my hometown cops are around constantly for events and fairs and whatnot and they are always in uniform. There are quite a few female officers on the Sheriff Department but not a single one of the seven positions went to a female. I know more goes into a promotion than just gender but it seems off that not a single promotion went to a female. Why are no women in positions of power at this police department and more importantly is the criminal justice system biased toward men?


Beauty. Drugs. Death.

27 Nov

Maria Susana Flores Gamez, beauty queen, was competing for Miss Mexico but her fight fell short when her body was found in the middle of a drug war. Flores Gamez was enrolled in a local college and had been modeling and completing pageants for three years. According to the Associated Press beauty queens and Mexico’s violence involving drugs is a common trend, and this is the third instance. “Miss Bala” was arrested for drug acts that were forced on her by gang members.  While in 2011 former Miss Sinaloa Laura Zuniga was arrested for suspicion of drugs and weapon infringements.

Javier Valdez is an author of book “Miss Narco” which evaluates the recent trend for young women in Mexico. Valdez says, “It is a question of privilege, power, money, but also a question of need,” said Valdez. “For a lot of these young women, it is easy to get involved with organized crime, in a country that doesn’t offer many opportunities for young people.”

Even young women who are attempting to head down the proper path seem to get held up with major obstacles: drug, violence and war. How can these women better their lives if they do not have opportunities after they win pageants and earn a college degree? These women attempt to use all the resources they can to further themselves from their environment, but it seems to be a pattern that they will fail.

War Against Men..?

27 Nov


A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I thought that it would be good to share. The War On Men written by Suzanne Venker for FoxNews.Com is basically claiming that women are the reason that men do not want to get married. Because women want to have careers and have equal rights, they are causing men to feel inadequate.

This article was written by a woman no less and claims that feminism has hindered the one thing that all women want: to get married. Since women let men sleep with them whenever they want and live with them with out being married, men do not see the point in getting married.

Personally I think that this is a load of codswallop  but what does everyone else think? Does this go against what we have learned in class? Or does it just reaffirm how the media perceives women?