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The Politics of Reality Response

1 Dec

I would relate the reading with the activity in class by claiming that the lesbians where the people who were out in the hallway. The people who were in the hallway did not know what was going on in the room. The two groups that were still in the room, even though they were doing separate activities, both groups were together.

That whatever was considered “proper” or “real” is what the king or whoever was in charge deemed was “proper” or “real”. Since the king did not think that lesbians were “real”, they did not exist. During our activity on Monday it was rather easy to pretend that the group in the hall way did not exist.  It was easy to remember the other group when they are in the same room.

I think that the purpose of the activity in class was to teach us that there are some groups who are still considered outsiders today. These people are not really seen as existing or they are not really considered important. More towards the end of the activity my group and another group got to talk a little bit without the group in the hallway.

Another part of the reading that ties in with the activity is knowing that you can be seen. We had to stand up on a table with a spot light on us; we knew we could be seen. Another group watched us, and we forgot about the group that was not in our sight.  It is about how we are perceived and how we perceive ourselves.