Politics of Reality: Response

2 Dec


I feel as though the author was trying to convey how women no matter what status they portray are always oppressed and to some extent will continue to be oppressed. Women aren’t looked as individuals and always seem to be subject of man. It is like you have a man, and then oh there is the woman. Men are the “dominant reality”. Women are just going through the motions. Everything pretty much caters to man. Women are slowly being removed from society. We see this everyday with the constant demoralizing of women in the media, constant ridicule from peers and outsiders. The author also states one of the obvious conclusions to this phenomenon. She states that many men find women “unintelligible” to them. “I imagine men are like people who for some reason can see everything but automobiles and are constantly and painfully perplexed by blast and roars, thumps and bumps, which they cannot avoid, control or explain…for such men do seem to recognize our physical existence, or at least the existence to some of our parts. What they do not see is our souls” (165). Men do have the ability to oppress the situation and not giving women the credit where it is due.

The in class activity reflected a lot of this what this article had acclaimed. The people outside the room were the oppressed and left out individuals. They aren’t seen and they have no voice. So when they speak no word is taken seriously. The ones on the table signified the ones constantly in the spotlight, constantly under some pressure, open to all types of subjectivity. Their voices are overshadowed by their spotlight. The observers represented the ones who sit back and watch. They represent the ones who probably stir up the controversy about the other two groups. They kind of hold the power. I do feel that women today do fill these roles. As bad as it might seem, we could be one of the reasons why we are being somewhat eliminated, it’s because of what we do to each other. I feel as though until we come together and squash the individual agendas then we are moving in the right direction in to repairing the stage set forth and made for us women positively.

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