Texting the Teenage Patient

2 Dec

How would you like for your doctor to send you messages regarding your health. In the article Texting the Teenage Patient, the physicians do just that. I would have killed for my doctors to every once in a while remind me of healthy living styles and other medical importance type information. There of course like a lot of controversial topics, are disadvantages and advantages. The doctors in these cases are using social media to reach out to their patients and clients. On behalf of the physicians social media is a better way for them to communicated with those teenagers who are shy and embarrassed to ask question concerning their health. It is also a faster way to inform them giving that today’s generation is so fixated on what is at their fingertips. Then you have the ones who feel this might add to the question of patient-doctor boundaries. Should there be rules over content, hours, privacy etc? This is just a little overview. The article itself explains a lot more. Let me know what you guys think.

One Response to “Texting the Teenage Patient”

  1. karaleesmith December 2, 2012 at 9:28 pm #

    What an excellent idea! Texting teenagers is a great form of communication, and if they have a question they can get an accurate answer in seconds at their finger tips. I applaud the person who understands teenagers do not know all the answers about their bodies and need education.

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