Politics of Reality: Response

3 Dec

The author discusses how the definition of lesbian does not exist and how that shows the oppression of women in the world. She talks about how this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it allows a group of women to define themselves regardless of what the definition may be. Men have the ability to show dominance over women and use that to keep women in oppression. The in class activity relates to the article because we were able to see from different perspectives what it is like to be the outsider, the oppressed and the oppressor.  When we were outside, we were cut off from the rest of the world, our classroom, and had to fend for ourselves. Obviously in a classroom setting it is far less scary than in the real world but it represents those women who are not able to act on their own to better themselves. The article discusses empowerment and how women should feel empowered to stand up for themselves as to not be ignored or swept under the rug. Being outside the classroom, we were in a position to stand up for ourselves and not be ignored by those in power, or those in the classroom. On the table, we were the oppressed. We weren’t able to stand up for ourselves and it was a bit like being on display. We weren’t people with thoughts and feelings, we were objects being scrutinized. The author discusses how women are the oppressed and just go through day by day doing what needs to get done. At the back of the room, we were the oppressors. We had the ability to open the door and let outsiders in, but we didn’t. We had the power to turn off the light, but we didn’t. Those little things symbolized how much power we had over our classmates and the power men have over women.

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