Reality In Politics

3 Dec

The activity made me look at how I am viewed by others. The most impacting part was standing on the table in the light. While sitting down I didn’t understand why the others were up there but when it was my turn I understood that the light represented the public eye. It showed us that sometimes it might be uncomfortable to be in the limelight with everyone watching at all times. Reading the article the author feels that all women go through this feeling at some point in their life. They will feel like they are being watched and judged and there’s nothing they can do about the situation. She talks about how women shouldn’t let society name them or classify them, they should define themselves.  I felt as if she was trying to say that no matter how much women try to fight our way out of oppression there would always be something left to fight for.  This relates to the activity because from each point in the activity there was some form of confusion, because its still not a social norm for women voices to be heard. They are still supposed to sit back and watch even if they have comments or question. There were so many things I wanted to ask while doing the activity but I knew I couldn’t. Even though the article was mostly about lesbians I believe that much of the things that were addressed can be applied to all women. But of course women will continue to fight.

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