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Jennifer Siebel Newsom coming to campus

5 Dec

Jennifer Siebel Newsom coming to campus

Exciting news! Ball State will be showing Miss Representation and hosting a discussion with its director, writer and producer Jennifer Siebel Newsom. The event is not until February 6, but I’m still looking forward to it already! Miss Representation changed my entire outlook on modern-day feminism, and I hope other people will see women and how they are portrayed in a different way as well. I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say. I will definitely watch Miss Representation again too!


Guess Who?

5 Dec

draft_lens2670782module15923062photo_1234661342guess_whoGuess Who?

A six-year-old girl wrote to Hasbro asking why their game Guess Who? has 19 male characters and only five female characters. I remember from playing this game that getting a female character meant an automatic loss. You could tell which cards were female characters because they were all bent from kids getting mad at who they picked (Candy Land was the same way. You could always tell when you were going to get Plumpy or Mr. Mint).

“Is your character a man or a woman?” was always the first question anyone I played with asked. If you had a woman, all 19 men were taken out of the process of elimination, and it was unlikely that you could ever win. Personally, I feel that this little girl has a point.

Unfortunately, Hasbro does not feel the same way. They replied with a statement about how their game is not sexist, saying the purpose is to realize how much we all have in common, rather than our differences. Sure….

Vogue takes on media images of women

5 Dec


Clicking around youtube I found a video of an interview with Tyra Banks where she addresses the spring 2012 decision Vogue made to refuse to work with models who are underage or show signs of an eating disorder. Vogue has made this decision in order to show a more positive role model for young girls and promote healthy body image for women. I think this is a brilliant idea and shows that the media does pay attention to how it affects young women. In the video she makes a good point about how when young boys see a sports figure, they do not get upset they don’t look like their idols yet young women are constantly bombarded with images and messages that we need to look a certain way. I never thought of the media in this way but do you think there is a lot less pressure on males to look a certain way over females?