Being a Woman is GREAT for the three out of the four weeks of the month

9 Dec

I love being a women, especially at work. I supervise the rec center at Ball State and bartend the weekends so not only do both those jobs ask for me to be in the spot light but im also respected by men in different ways. At school I’m respected for obviously working while going to school and the position I hold at my job, shockingly you need to know what youre doing while supervising a multi-million dollar facility. That’s a given job of respect but some think its shocking im respected as a bartender but its there where guys appreciate a girl who can remember a drink, know the prices without second guessing, and go to school while working late hours. Women now a days have so many female figures to look up to and so many popular movies that are pro women rights like She’s the Man and A League of Their Own and more and more women are getting into the political spotlight that is steering young girls in the right direction… why wouldnt any girl of today not want to be a woman one day and then I remember


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